Change provider for domain hosting!

Already using domain hosting with a provider and would like to move out of your site, that’s no problem. Once you perform a domain query, you can select the services of a provider change. All you need is the Top Level Domains de, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .tv, .mobi, .us and .cn your Authorization Code. Also, note that you must cancel the domain hosting at your old provider first, before you can switch. Typically, you receive appropriate forms for termination and the change of provider for free on the side of your new domain hosting agency.
Enough web space with domain hosting agency!

Choose always early for a suitable domain name for your website. You can always sleep comfortably and without obligation to carry out a free domain query on the Internet and find out about the availability of your desired address. In addition to registering your domain you should also take a web hosting offer. Depending on the desired space you can get a comprehensive domain hosting for an affordable € 1.20 per month.

Need more space for an online store, you usually have the option of a web hosting offer with a total memory of 10000 MB pick one that you can terminate a month. In this way, you stay flexible and can test first, how much space you really need for your pages.

Here it is always possible to directly register multiple domains. For an online store, for example, you not only need a domain hosting, but certainly also a suitable search engine optimization. Only if your website is found in a Google search, you can sell your products or services.

For a successful search engine optimization you will not only need your main plus various sub-pages, but more additional domains that fit thematically to your website. Let’s therefore immediately register multiple domains cost, so that nothing stands in the way of your success.

Hosting: Web site with static pages on Amazon S3

In addition to storing static resources allows Amazon S3 hosting complete websites. Ideal for resilient landing pages.

Nowadays much is transfered in the digital cloud, documents, music, pictures. Hosting Web content is no different. This tutorial illustrates how a website pushed with an unlimited number of sub pages (without server-side dynamics) on Amazon S3 and from there is accessible on the web. If required under its own domain, each time performant, reliable and kostenüberschaubar, suitable for each project.

In these paper files to Amazon S3 to host under their own subdomain was outlined in great detail, as applied Buckets and transfer content to your server, and to be properly adjusted and equipped with proper caching information. From this position continues.

1. Define bucket as website

By clicking on the affected bucket in the left column to the right will open the appropriate data structure. The Properties button is hidden in the bottom of the window and more tabs with additional properties of the selected bucket. Relevant here is the tab page with its settings for the operation of a website on Amazon S3.
The Tab website shines not really through a variety of possible options.

The easier and more understandable is to involve the ability to host static websites on Amazon S3. Enable checkbox and enter an index document index.html (differs from the file name, so this has to be adjusted). Save. In the same opinion, Amazon S3 presents the destination address of the current site – under the cryptic URL is the homepage of the project display.

Important to note: Amazon S3 is only static HTML files to the browser. Web sites with dynamic content supposedly (based on PHP, ASP, etc.) are not parsed (since the Interpretor missing) and always issued with the original source code.

Buy trust expiring domains at auction

Recently, in runet appeared unique service domain4seo, which helps to buy trust domains with domain auctions. And allows you to make the process as comfortable and efficient – this is done at the expense of a few specific and very useful advantages. Domain4seo service handles the expired domain list of the largest registrars: NameJet (registrar + + 10 smaller), TDNAM (, SnapNames (about 5-6 registrars), and more recently, and

You can find a trust thematic domains with the date of registration of 1998, and then buy them for as low as $ 15. All domains are not expired, that is not the end of the registration period, seo options at the time of removal is not reset. The system has a lot of domains with a large number of indexed pages, which will immediately get a good position on the low and mid-range needs.

Particular attention is, of course, in such domains deserve webmasters working in Exchange links Sape, where the positive role played by it indexed pages.

Buying expired domain – a very difficult task. Only at first glance it may seem that there is no difficulty in this – went up for auction, found a favorite domain and bought. But things are much more complicated, and more specifically, in the presence of large amounts of shopping, take a lot of time.

After all, you need to check the settings of a domain that is not glued whether he figures PR, TIC, the presence in the archive, find the registrar, etc.